Is Pokémon Go dev Niantic “Go”-ing for its own AR glasses?

Niantic – the studio behind the ever so popular mobile game Pokemon Go – seems to be interested in the world of AR hardware. A post on Twitter teases Niantic’s future plans with Augmented Reality. If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, AR glasses play a major part in those plans.

Of course, Niantic isn’t a stranger when it comes to Augmented Reality. Their smash hit Pokémon Go is a mobile AR game, as is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Up until now, the company only dipped its toes in the AR software pool. It seems like that’s about to change though.

Does all of this come as a total surprise? Not entirely. Niantic previously chatted with chip maker Qualcomm, signing a deal in 2019 to work on AR glasses. That deal unfortunately never grew out to actually making them, as the company stated it had “no plans” to make its own hardware. Then again, times change, and supposedly so do the plans of Niantic.

For now, it’s no more than a tease. A tease with possibilities though. As shown by the same John Hanke that tweeted the tease, Pokémon Go looks kinda neat when experienced through Microsoft’s HoloLens. Who knows what Niantic can achieve if they develop the entire thing in-house? I would be disappointed if the glasses won’t be named Pokémon Go-ggles though…