PlayStation apparently planning to pick a fight with Game Pass

If the rumors are correct, Sony PlayStation is gearing up to throw some punches at Xbox Game Pass. According to God of War and Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe, Sony is working on something to “counterpunch” Microsoft’s service. What does that mean exactly? No clue. Even Jaffe himself seems to know.

This is not the first time that we hear about Sony’s attempts to give Xbox Game Pass some competition. Back in November, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan also claimed something similar. He didn’t use the word counterpunch though, but he did say that Sony had “news to come” regarding a Game Pass competitor.

Then again, Ryan also reiterated in the past that a PlayStation version of Game Pass will most likely never happen. Sustaining such a model would be nearly impossible, given the costs. Giving access to games that can cost $100 million to create, just to offer it for a mere $15, you can’t keep doing that if you want to make money. Then again, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any issues with it.

For Microsoft, Game Pass seems to work just fine. After acquiring Bethesda, Microsoft added several big games without batting an eye, something that they’ve been doing a lot lately. Game Pass subscribers are also usually the first ones to get the drop on new Microsoft Studios games. These are usually added to the service on launch day, with no extra costs added. Sony has diligently been trying to match those AAA freebies by adding Maquette and Oddworld: Soulstorm to PlayStation Plus on the day of their launch. In the case of Soulstorm, Sony seems to succeed in their attempt. That game is actually worth getting PlayStation Plus for, as you might have read in the review.