PlayStation VR headset

PlayStation seemingly working on a new VR headset

According to PlayStation’s Hideaki Nishino, Sony is working on a new version of the PlayStation VR. Yes, I’m stating the quite obvious when I’m saying it’ll probably be better than the one that has been accumulating dust in my game room.

Needless to say, the PlayStation VR 2.0 comes with improvements when it comes to utilized hardware, although specs aren’t quite clear yet. As Nishino explains in a blog post on PlayStation.Blog, the headset is not even close to being done. Nonetheless, some details have been shared ahead of a sizzling reveal.

So, what do we know? Well… the headset is obviously going to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware, making it possible to ditch that brick of a unit called the ‘processor unit’, which currently plagues PS4 owners. Instead, the PSVR 2.0 will only have one cable to connect it to the console.

A better console means better graphics, so the screen resolution of the upcoming headset will get a resolution upgrade as well. Hopefully, this will also reduce the screen door effect which the display of the current PSVR, unfortunately, delivers, making it one of the weaker VR headsets on the market to date.

Could this be the PlayStation VR 2.0 controller?

Last but not least, the controllers are getting an update, so we probably won’t have to swing around the ever-aging Move-controllers anymore. According to Sony, the new controller will incorporate some of the features found in the DualSense controller. Let’s just hope it isn’t the drifting feature…

For now, that’s all we know when it comes to specs. When it comes to a release window, we know even less, only that we shouldn’t be counting on it this year. Oh well, in the meanwhile I’ll just have to do with the current PSVR, if I’ll ever find it again, buried under a pile of dust.