PlayStation might be overly optimistic with its PS VR2

PlayStation VR – once poised as the ultimate piece of hardware to make VR accessible to anyone who didn’t have a massive gaming PC – has traveled rocky roads. Sure, it was affordable and it did the job. But it was also massively cumbersome and fairly outdated when it launched. It’s safe to say that the PS VR didn’t really break any records. TV screens? Yes. But PlayStation strongly believes that their next-generation headset won’t suffer the same fate. In fact, Sony seems to be ramping up production to have 2 million units ready at launch.

And if that’s an accurate number (provided by Bloomberg, by the way), this means that PlayStation’s putting a lot of eggs in the PS VR2 basket. To give you an idea of the scale, PlayStation had to wait 7 months to hit the 1 million mark with its original PS VR. So either PlayStation is way too optimistic or they know something I don’t know.

I mean, think about it. What could possibly make PS VR2 so damn appealing to 2 million people? Having “over 20 games at launch”? Bitch, please. Twenty games… those are rookie numbers. And we’re not even sure if all 20 of them are actually worth buying. That Horizon-based VR game looks alright, I guess. And Resident Evil Village might be sweet in virtual reality. But what else is there? No, really? It’s not like all your previously bought PS VR games are going to be playable since the kit won’t support backward compatibility…

And let’s not forget about this little thing called crippling inflation. Sony might not have any issues with its supply chain, but a lot of consumers are. There are going to be a lot of people out there thinking twice about purchasing a VR headset, especially during the cold months. And since Bloomberg’s mentioning a March 2023 target, I’m not entirely convinced that Sony’s optimism is justified.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Society might be willing to starve and go hungry to dive into Sony’s VR2 hardware. At least you won’t see your problems when you’re in the Virtual Reality.