This is how PlayStation Production movies will get introduced

Every good movie starts with a decent introduction. Ask Tommy Wiseau, an absolute genius when it comes to making appealing movie introductions. Since PlayStation Productions has officially dipped its big toe into the movie-making pool with Uncharted, a catchy intro animation is a must. Well, it’s here, in case you wanna see it.

Admit it, a good intro can make a helluva difference. I mean, think about it. Literally everyone on this godforsaken planet knows the 20th Century Fox intro. The same goes for Paramount and MGM. It’s almost a seal of quality to some. If a movie starts with a specific intro, it can’t suck, right? Therefore, you gotta do it right. Hit your audience right in the feels. Give ’em that nostalgia tingle. That’s what PlayStation Productions must have thought. Because in 20 seconds, the studio throws virtually every big PlayStation franchise at you, hoping you’ll think “das good shit”.

Reportedly, even nostalgic intros can’t fool critics. Unfortunately for Sony marketeer Asad Qizilbash – head of PlayStation Productions – they aren’t that thrilled with the Uncharted movie, with some calling it miscast and lacking any weight to it. But that doesn’t seem to affect the box office results for now. Uncharted managed to rake in 21.5 million dollars during its opening weekend in 15 markets. That number should increase this Friday, when it opens up in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea.