PlayStation ends white dominance with extra DualSense colors

It might not be news to you, but being white is somewhat of a taboo lately. People are crying out for more diversity everywhere. Even Superman – the whitest white dude that I’ve ever seen – shouldn’t be. Not my idea, but ask Ta-Nehisi Coates. Even PlayStation has seen the wrong of its ways. Designing a predominantly white console and accessories is so not politically correct in 2021. Therefore, the Japanese giant introduces two new color schemes for the DualSense controller. And yes, one of ’em is all black.

Of course, racism has got nothing to do with this. I was just trying to yank your chain. Ever since the PlayStation 5 got announced, people weren’t really too enthusiastic about its color scheme. That big white router-lookin’ piece of kit was just too dang white. While a bunch of crafty gamers have taken the liberty to take a spray can and repaint the white side skirts, Sony is doing the same with the controllers.

By popular demand, the DualSense controllers will soon ship in the colors Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. The part around the thumbstick will stay black in both of them though. You might not be able to really tell from the stills, but the Midnight Black color scheme does actually contain two tones of black.

Like the black and white ones, these controllers won’t come cheap. Expect to lay down seventy big ones for these babies when they finally hit the stores. As for now, I really have no idea when this will be, but I can’t imagine that it’ll take long.

So, tell me, does this scratch your diversity itch? Did Sony do a great job of ending their white console supremacy? I do have to admit that I’m pretty enthusiastic about both of them. Those white peripherals do tend to get smudgy, although Cheetos dust also shows on black and red. Can I get a Cheetos yellow DualSense, PlayStation?