PlayStation might have leaked another big take-over

Buying stuff can be tons of fun. Throwing around your hard-earned cash can sometimes give you this ecstatic rush, making you do dumb shit. You know, like sharing info that’s supposed to be confidential and shit. There is an off-chance that PlayStation fell victim to its own enthusiasm when celebrating the acquisition of Returnal dev Housemarque… by posting a wrong “welcome to the Family” image on Twitter.

It’s not like this has never happened to any of us before. You’re celebrating your ass off, having a few drinks, and BAM! You slip up. On the official Twitter account of PlayStation, something like that seemed to have occurred. While announcing the take-over of Finnish developer Housemarque, an image was used in which not Housemarque, but Bluepoint got congratulated. #Oopsie!

As you might have guessed, the tweet in question has since been removed. But the internet wouldn’t be the internet if proof didn’t exist. Thanks to Gematsu, that proof is still out there.

Yep, Bluepoint Games – developer of the Demon’s Souls remake – might just be next in line to get bought by Sony. Heck, there’s even a possibility that it already happened and that somebody just jumped the gun. I mean, it kinda falls in line with everything Jim Ryan has been saying lately. You know, about PlayStation and ‘developing a shit ton of exclusives‘.

Anyway, I guess it’s just a matter of time before PlayStation announces it officially or debunks the whole deal.