PlayStation exec axed because Sony doesn’t need pedophiles

PlayStation is all ‘for the players’ and encourages people to play together, but PSN senior vice president George Cacioppo seems to have misread the fine print. You see, playing can be hella fun, as long as you keep it clean and innocent. If you’re more into the ‘less innocent’ type of play, that’s also fine by many. But less innocent playtime with a minor, that can become a bit of a problem. If only people were more vocal about inappropriate behavior. Right, George?

Yeah, it’s a bad time for pedophiles lately. I mean, you can’t seem to get away with anything anymore. Especially since everyone has a camera nowadays, filming you while they’re tearing you a new asshole. And that’s exactly what happened to PSN senior vice president George Cacioppo, who got busted by People vs. Preds.

Busted? Yes, indeedio. It turns out that George got baited on Grindr, that one social networking app where gay, bi, and trans people are widely accepted. Cacioppo allegedly tried to hook up with a 15-year-old boy after sharing some snaps. After sharing his address to get together and ‘play’, creepy Uncle George got a visit from someone else.

Unfortunately for George, all he was able to say was ‘no’, and that was exactly what Sony said to him afterward. According to reports on Cnet, Sony confirmed his termination.

“We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment.”

See, Mister Kotick? Are you watching this, Ubisoft? That’s how PlayStation handles stuff.

Bye, Jeff