Skimping PlayStation under fire for TLoU Firefly Edition

Imagine spending a hundred bucks on a Collector’s Edition of a game that you might already own twice. It sounds stupid, but trust me… people do that. If you look at the rate at which The Last of Us Part 1′s Firefly Edition gets sold now, $100 is actually a bargain. It’s evident that fans are eager to get their hands on it and that’s what makes the following news extra sad. Because the amount of love that fans have for the game does not seem to match PlayStation’s.

In fact, PlayStation seems to care little about the Firefly Edition. I mean, I guess they care, but the packaging department at PlayStation doesn’t reflect it. People have been starting to post their unboxing on Twitter. And while most unboxings online mostly show very happy and excited collectors, customers of the much sought-after Firefly Edition aren’t that happy and excited.

As you can see, it’s not really a fluke we’re dealing with. Stories of damaged Firefly Editions are popping up left and right. As every story points out, the lack of proper packaging material seems to be the culprit. I mean, I know we’re dealing with inflation and resource scarcity, but dayum, PlayStation. This is some next-level skimping, man.

As you might expect, people aren’t exactly putting up with PlayStation’s cheap-assery. Official complaints have been sent, but word goes that requests for new boxes have fallen on deaf ears. According to Ainsley Bowden (@Porshapwr), PlayStation offers “no option for replacement” as there are none and tries to patch some of the wounds with a 20% discount voucher on a future game order. There will be no guarantee if that game will turn up undamaged though.