PlayerUnknown’s Prologue might just bore you to death

Okay, all of you probably know who PlayerUnknown is or what he’s known for. If you don’t, I’ll wait… Indeed, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene is mostly known for creating PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, or PUBG for short. After raking in stacks of Benjamins, Greene now owns his own studio called PlayerUnknows Productions. This studio is working on two projects: Prologue and Project Artemis. And the first one might just bore you out of your fuckin’ skull, according to Greene.

To be frank, there’s a good reason for Prologue to be boring. Prologue isn’t even much of a game, to begin with. Instead, it’s a tech demo that’s designed to see how far things can be pushed with Project Artemis. So basically, Prologue is exactly as the name implies, a “steppingstone”, as Green calls it himself.

I know all of this may sound a bit vague, but I’ll try to elaborate on it. Where Project Artemis might one day become a big triple-A game with lots of activity, Prologue will be solely about surviving. The player will be dropped in a 64 square kilometer “runtime-generated wilderness” and all you need to do is not croak.

The thing is that surviving in a big open world could potentially be fun if the landscape throws all kinds of peril at you, but that’s not what Prologue will be about. It’ll be more of a “Just a world a spot on the map to reach and the tools needed to get there” kind of experience. And that might not be for everyone. Even Greene himself is fully aware of that, as he explains to VentureBeat.

“I think it’ll be quite boring. Light fires, board up windows, keep yourself warm against the constant storm where cold weather will knock you out. But again, it’s more to show a consistent world with logical points on it where you can do things, and this is systemic gameplay.”

Then again, and I’ll repeat myself, it isn’t supposed to be a full game in the first place. Consider it a glimpse into the future of things to come. For PlayerUnknown Productions, Prologue will be a testing ground to see what will work and what won’t. If things already go south now, they’ll definitely cause shit in Project Artemis. Greene just wants everybody to tag along for the ride as he’s working on it. That’s why you can pay what you want for Prologue.

“Prologue is really just a stepping stone. My biggest mission with PlayerUnknown Productions is to build an authentic and trustworthy studio. I want my team’s name to mean something in a couple of years, and I think the only way to achieve that is to be open. To open the doors and say, ‘This is what we’re working on.’ Prologue gives us that opportunity. We have funding to head toward Artemis and the big dreams, so we don’t have to make money from Prologue. We have a chance to show off and bring people into the fold a lot earlier and build that relationship.”

So, if you’re into surviving in the wilderness but you never got to it because mosquitos annoy you, Prologue might be your thing. I just don’t know when you’ll be able to do that. It could take a while. It could not.