Phil Spencer is a PlayStation Fanboy

What do you say when you’re Phil Spencer and people ask you what game you’re really looking forward to? Option 1: Think really hard and name a random AAA first-party game. Option 2: Name one of the thousands of Xbox ID games that are coming. Option 3: Lie. Just don’t say God of War Ragnarok. That totally ruins the company image, Phil.

But Phil Spencer gives zero fucks altogether. Phil would rather be transparent and brutally honest about these things. He isn’t going to make a big secret out of his admiration for Santa Monica Studio. And sure, Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels is totally cool and stuff, but God of War Raknarak… that’s a whole different league.

Anywho, all jokes aside, I think Phil’s modesty suits him well. Entire tribes are cracking each other’s skulls because “my console is better than yours” and Xbox exec Phil Spencer blatantly admits that PlayStation has a beast of a game in the works. A game that he’d play over any other.

Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here. We should be more like Phil. And if you can’t muster the courage to pick up a DualSense controller or pride is getting in the way of doing that, just wait. God of War Ragnarok will eventually be playable on your Windows 11 PC. You’ll get your go at it, using your superior Xbox controller.