CD Projekt is finally ‘satisfied’ with performance of Cyberpunk

When it comes to the road ahead for Cyberpunk 2077, developer CD Projekt believes it will be going a lot smoother from now on. With six grueling months of crisis management, the worst is now behind them. During this half-year of handling lawsuits and patching the game, a lot has happened on all fronts. Even though CD Projekt still has quite a few issues to settle, the game is finally starting to perform on ‘a satisfying level’, according to CEO Adam Kiciński.

Kiciński has spoken out during a WSE Innovation Day conference, commenting on the current status of Cyberpunk 2077. Acknowledging that the game’s launch on console was an absolute disasterpiece, he now feels that Cyberpunk is on the right track. Of course, we all know the issues that have pestered the game for the past six months. Bugs, glitches, overall stability… yeah. Cyberpunk was broken as fuck for a great portion of gamers. Therefore it doesn’t really come as a surprise when journalists make inquiries regarding the current state of affairs. Lucky for us, Kiciński was more than willing to answer those inquiries.

 “We have reached a satisfying level in this regard.”

“We have also been working on improving the overall quality, which we are also quite happy about. Of course, we also removed bugs and visual glitches and we will continue to do that. Over time, we will also be introducing improvements to the general game systems that players have highlighted.”

Do you know who also seems to be happy with the progress made? Sony and Microsoft. After pulling the game from their store outright, PlayStation has put the game up for sale again. Microsoft didn’t take it that far but did deviate from its usual refund policy given the abysmal performance of the sci-f- shooter. Both parties now feel somewhat confident again, with an emphasis on ‘somewhat’. Microsoft is no longer making exceptions on its refund policy starting July 6. As said earlier, PlayStation has started sales on their digital storefront once more, be it with a warning. Potential buyers should take note that the game plays best on a PlayStation 4 Pro or the PlayStation 5.