Blurry “Silent Hill 2” pics are making people lose their shit

There’s been a lot of talk when it comes to Silent Hill. Rumors of remakes are flying left and right and when asked about them, devs all give me the old shrug ‘n’ smirk. Apart from one, being Bloober Team. Without actually confirming everything, one representative acknowledged that they were “working with Konami”. Wink-wink. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to piece that together, and circulating screenshots of an alleged internal Silent Hill 2 remake pitch are serving as the glue, be it very blurry glue.

Now, before you get all gitty and excited, please note that these “screenshots” are not exactly all that. They appear to be taken with a Motorola Razr V3 with a smudged lens cover, which really makes me wonder why leakers always have such shitty phones. But hey, at least it’s something, I guess. So without further ado, let’s look at them pics.

See? I told you it would suck. But hey, what did you expect? They’re from an internal pitch, which basically means they are, like, no-budget. That’s why, according to noted insider Dusk Golem, people on Resetera should stop bashing their quality since they’re CON-CEP-TU-AL, meaning not representative of the final product. So please, for fuck’s sake, stop bitching about “Bloober Team ruining Silent Hill 2” already. Just because you’re only seeing blurry images doesn’t mean it’s going to look like that when it’s finished. Geez.

But if you’re really that butthurt over blurry screens, let me fix that sphincter of yours by soothing it with a crisp image. Once again, it’s CON-CEP-TU-AL, okay? Got that? Great.

Silent Hill 2 remake concept art

Happy now? Oh, and if you’re planning on becoming a professional leaker, get a better phone, man. The guy on the corner selling phones that were used to capture UFOs and Bigfoot might not be the best vendor for that.