The era of cheap PC games is over, the time of $70 has come

For many multi-platform owners, the PC has always held a special in their hearts. Unlimited upgradeability, superior hardware, and – let’s not forget this one – games are usually cheaper. With PS5 and Xbox Series being the current standard, the pricing of games has gradually risen to $70. Did we like it? No, not actually, but we got the reason behind it and bit that bullet. And if you had a beefy PC, you could always resort to that since pricing on Steam usually topped out at $60. But it seems now that this option is also disappearing because the era of $70 is expanding to PC.

Yup, I ain’t joking. Gone are the days of playing blockbuster games on the cheap. The pricing on PC is starting to catch up, starting with Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade and Forspoken. Both games are now up for pre-order on Steam and EGS, priced at €79.99. That’s a big oof, ladies and gents.

Even though many PC gamers might not be too thrilled about this price hike, they should have seen it coming. Some publishers have been pretty vocal about the new price point and its necessity. Take-Two’s head honcho Strauss Zelnick was one of the first CEOs to back $70 price tags, with PlayStation’s Jim Ryan following suit. The only big cheese who didn’t jump on that bandwagon seemed to be Xboss Phil Spencer, who claimed that the industry “can price things whatever we want to price them, and the customer will decide what the right price is for them.”

Even PlayStation’s former boss Shawn Layden felt the need to explain why games are becoming pricier. In an interview with Bloomberg, Layden talked about the cost of making them and how that has evolved over years. With production costs reaching the $100 million threshold, it’s obvious that we’ll be paying the bill for it. Unfortunately, these costs are also the reason behind endless rehashing and never-ending sequel runs, according to Layden.

Anywho… what do you make of all this? Is it justified or do you feel violated as a PC user, who already has to spend more cash upgrading a $3000 rig? You can share your opinion for free… for now.