PAYDAY 3 plans to break the bank in 2023

Get your masks ready, fellow lawbreakers. PAYDAY creator Starbreeze has found a partner in crime in Koch Media, which means PAYDAY 3 is actually happening. If all goes according to plan, PAYDAY 3 hits PC and consoles in 2023.

Koch Media was kind enough to cough up a lousy 50 million big ones to keep production going. 50 Million… without even busting a safe or keeping people at gunpoint. Koch Media’s CEO Klemens Kundratitz seems to be happy to spend his money on the project, as we can tell from his statement on Starbreeze’s website. Lots of big spenders going around these days. Damn…

“We are delighted to welcome Starbreeze as a new partner for our global publishing business. PAYDAY 3 is shaping up to be an incredible game. Based on what we’ve seen already, PAYDAY 3 is going to take the franchise to new heights and will delight PAYDAY fans as well as new audiences alike with innovative multiplayer gameplay.”

The guys and gals behind PAYDAY 2 also seem to be pretty stoked, announcing the news on Twitter. Then again, they have every right to be. The game got announced a few years back and all they’ve been waiting for is an investor and a co-publisher. It now turns out Koch Media will be that investor.

As shown in the tweet, PAYDAY 3 will utilize the Unreal Engine and will (probably) hit PC and consoles in 2023. Then again, you never know nowadays. Time will tell. There’s also no word on which consoles PAYDAY 3 will target exactly. Oh well, there’s still plenty of time until 2023. Just don’t “Koch” it up, Starbreeze. Don’t go robbin’ me of a nice afternoon.