New Paradox CEO confesses misdeeds before a shitfest starts

The world of gaming has been under scrutiny lately, and for a good reason. Just like any other branch, gaming companies need to provide a safe workspace. Getting hit on by your boss to the point where you start to feel uncomfortable, doesn’t really help. Ask Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard. A total shit show is bound to occur if these irregularities aren’t dealt with, and that’s why the current CEO of Paradox – Fredrik Wester – chose to beat everyone to the punch by already admitting he did some inappropriate stuff in the past.

Through Twitter, Wester explains that – in order to provide clarity and transparency – some things must be expressed. It turns out that 2018 wasn’t the greatest of years for him, citing a specific incident regarding “inappropriate behavior”. Without going into too much detail, Wester acknowledges he was wrong. After consulting his coach and mentor, he came to understand the impact of his behavior.

Of course, this confession doesn’t come out of the blue. The survey Wester speaks about revealed some serious cases of abusive mistreatment within Paradox, after which then CEO Ebba Ljungerud packed his shit and left. According to Paradox, his departure had nothing to do with the allegations. It was merely a matter of “differing views on the company’s strategy going forward”. Sure…

Unfortunately for Wester, his intentions might not be conceived as truly genuine. The fact that Wester resigned as CEO in 2018 – right after his misdeeds – don’t exactly work in his favor. According to him, the departure was also not related to the accusations. Apparently, he had it all planned 6 months before his wrongdoing.

Then again, we all make mistakes. Some people hide them ( or try to) and some face the music, like Fredrik Wester. So yes, he’s done some repugnant shit, but at least he’s honest and regretful about it. More high-ranking staff members should take not here. It might save you a lawsuit or two. Just sayin’…