Pac-Man waka-wakas to a theatre near you

Chuck Williams – the producer behind the recent Sonic movies – wants to try his luck with the yellow puck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Williams is looking to take Pac-Man to the big screen. My only question is “Why?” And “How?” So technically, it’s two questions…

To be fair, I’ve seen dumber attempts to bring a classic game to the theatres. And if Namco Bandai backs it up, it might just work, even though Tekken got totally wrecked. I guess my hopes lie with Chuck, who managed to break the movie adaptation curse with Sonic. Because really, love it or hate it, those Sonic movies showed the world that a decent adaptation can be done.

Then again… Pac-Man? I’m failing to see how that’s gonna work. I mean, I can deal with five minutes of waka-waka, gulping dots, and steering clear of spooks. But how are you going to reel a grown-ass man in with the premise of a feature film based on that concept?

Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait until the trailer drops before I jump to premature conclusions. As I said, stupider attempts have been made with adaptations that should’ve been easy-peasy. Totally not looking at you, Netflix

So, what’s your take on a Pac-Man movie? I’d like to hear your thoughts.