Overwatch gunslinger McCree no longer identifies as McCree

Sometimes people just feel like changing their name. For instance, I’ve considered changing my last name to Bezos. Don’t ask me why. Overwatch gunslinger Jesse McCree is one of those individuals who doesn’t want to be called McCree anymore. Oh, McReally? Uhhu. And the McReason is actually quite understandable. Are you McReady to find out?

You see, to understand this name change, you’ll need to know how McCree got his name in the first place. Back when Overwatch was still in its production phase, an employee of Blizzard was actually called Jesse McCree. People found it a very snazzy name, befitting for a gunslinging cowboy. But nobody knew what would become of the real Jesse McCree.

Do you already see where this is heading? If the answer is no, let me jog your memory. Blizzard isn’t really winning any popularity prizes lately. The company is facing lawsuits because certain employees preferred to be a perv. Jesse McCree was one of those employees.

It is because of this recent shitstorm that Blizzard thinks that the name Jesse McCree should no longer be used in Overwatch. In fact, Blizzard believes that this case proves that the line between a real and a fictional person should never be this thin again.

This decision will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows here and there. Some of you might find it lame (read woke) that Blizzard is choosing to change a name of a well-known Overwatch character. Others might feel like it’s the right thing to do. I can understand both parties. It might be a small bandaid on the huge wound that Blizzard is trying to mend, but they gotta start somewhere.