Overwatch cross-play lets you lose from literally anyone now

Are you tired of losing to Overwatch players on your own platform? Would you like to get your ass handed over by players on other gaming systems? If so, you’re in a whole heap of luck. Cross-play in Overwatch is now live, granting you a plethora of opportunities to snuff it digitally, regardless of the platform you wish to die on.

Yes, it has finally happened. Thanks to a recent global Battle.net update, cross-play in Overwatch is now in full effect. The guys and gals at Blizzard have been contemplating this addition for over three years now, so this will count as a ‘Victory’ in their records. Earlier this month, the devs’ much-anticipated feature’s beta got announced, so that actually went pretty damn fast. You know, like Tracer fast.

Blizzard seems to be in quite the celebratory mood, too. Everyone who signs in to Overwatch by the end of 2021 will receive a Golden loot box. It won’t give you any significant advantage, but at least you can croak in style.

Game director Aaron Keller explained previously how this cross-play will typically pan out. According to him, console players will be matched with other console players by default. This automatically means that PC players still tend to get matched with other PC players.

As for competitive players, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Ranked matches will not be affected by cross-play. “For Competitive Play specifically, you will not be able to play as a party consisting of both PC and console players together. They will each have their own separate matchmaking pools.”, Keller added.