Blizzard seeks free-to-play redemption with Overwatch 2

Okay, people. Let’s break it down! After waiting patiently for the last 37 years, Blizzard has finally lifted the veil off of Overwatch 2’s release date. Not only is it coming fairly soon, but it’s also coming free of charge. Exactly, Overwatch 2 is also going down Blizzard’s free-to-play lane, a street currently being vandalized by Diablo Immortal.

In all honesty, if Blizzard intends to keep the core of Overwatch intact, there ain’t much that can go wrong with Overwatch 2. With the original hero-based shooter not being reliant on upgrading players’ abilities, pay-to-win practices are hardly part of the equation. If every unlockable is purely cosmetic, I’m not seeing a problem with a paywall. If people feel like spending cash on an emote or a skin, by all means. Go for it. It’s your money and it ain’t ruining my weekend. So yeah, a free-to-play Overwatch 2… sounds fine by me.

But as it turns out, there are changes being made to the formula. But don’t worry, they’re small ones. Unless the Tank class is your favorite. Then you may worry a little. Because the 6-versus-6 setup is being reduced to a 5-versus-5 version, dropping on Tank slot. This change is also going to apply to the OG Overwatch to make it compatible with Overwatch 2.

But enough with the technical stuff. Let’s talk about the shiny stuff and, of course, that sweet release date. As expected, Blizzard has been making a few tweaks and changes here and there. Not only is Overwatch 2 built on a new engine, but it’s also introducing a handful of new heroes and reworks of current ones. It’s all quite obvious when you check out the trailer above, by the way.

The same goes for the release date, which is set for October 4. From that day on, Overwatch 2 will head into Early Access territory. And if you’re (still) rockin’ the OG Overwatch before June 23, Blizzard will even reward your loyalty by throwing in a Founder’s Pack. It ain’t much, but it’ll grant you two Epic skins, an exclusive icon, and a “surprise gift”. Whatever the fuck that might be.

So there you have it. Overwatch 2, October 4, free-to-play. Good stuff. Can’t wait to get my ass kicked during the console beta, which has been promised by Blizzard.