Overwatch 2 dev breaks the silence, announces closed beta

What is up with Overwatch 2? Has anyone really heard about it lately? I guess not, and that’s probably because the guys and gals at Blizzard have been awfully quiet lately. Even those guys and gals at Blizzard realize that. But the team has decided to break their silence by apologizing for it, bearing a peace offering to regain our trust. That peace offering comes in the form of a closed beta.

Let’s not forget, Blizzard has been having a rough time. The Overwatch 2 team in particular. It ain’t easy developing a game when leadership changes and all plans with it. Not to speak of the turmoil Blizzard as a whole is in. But that isn’t necessarily a reason to keep your loyal fans in the dark, and game director Aaron Keller knows it. And he’s sorry about that lack of communication, as he mentions in the latest developer update.

As Aaron promises that Overwatch 2 is still aiming to bring a vivid game to the people, he also announced that some of us can have a go with it very soon. The PvP part, that is. As of late April, selected players will get the chance to go at it in a closed beta. Those interested can now head on over to PlayOverwatch.com to sign up.

Just remember, signing up doesn’t guarantee you a spot in this closed beta. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. More betas – public ones – are underway, serving the players new features, new maps, and even new heroes.

What a way to save the day, Aaron!