[BLOG] Operation Monarch blows, but it shouldn’t have to

Fact: Call of Duty used to be a majestic shooter franchise. It once was the absolute pinnacle within the FPS genre, and with good reason. CoD used to be somewhat realistic (I know, that’s a stretch) yet super accessible. If you wanted a neat military shooter, CoD was it, unless you were a Medal of Honor or Battlefield enthusiast. But times have changed and so has CoD. And let me tell you something – and this is just my opinion, okay – but Operation Monarch has really proven to me that the franchise has gone off the deep end.

Fits of all, I kinda get it from a commercial standpoint, but I also don’t. Someone at Activision probably got coaxed into coming up with something spectacular for Warzone. Something big. Nay… huge! Something that you couldn’t even miss if you were blind. Even better, make it double. Get King Kong and Godzilla in there. Because why not? Everybody just loves these gigantic creatures.

And yes, there is some truth to that. Godzilla and King Kong have been a source of entertainment for decades. Even if most movies are cheesier than the average French deli counter, pop culture fans soak them in like it’s no big deal. And since CoD’s demographic seems to have shifted from serious hardcore shooter fans to cheating mother-banging teens, Godzilla and Kong should fit in quite nicely.

The thing is – and once more, it’s just my personal opinion – Operation Monarch didn’t have to leave that bad taste in my mouth. If Activision had thought things through, I actually might have appreciated the announcement. I mean… the teasing, the super-serious approach… c’mon man. You’re putting King Kong and Godzilla in your once respected shooter franchise. If you’re gonna do that, at least have some fun with it. You should’ve hired StinkyBlueRat to do the announcement trailer. That really would’ve smashed it.

Oh well… missed opportunity, Activision. Then again, that probably still wouldn’t have won me over. I’d rather stick to games that don’t attract cheaters like Johnny Depp’s bed attracts “dog feces”. But maybe… just maybe… it would’ve crossed my mind after downing a megapint of happy juice.