#CONSOLEWARS – Which platform has the most downtime?

Ahhh… the console wars. Do you remember those magical days of yonder, when people choked each other out over the question “which platform rules?” You really can’t imagine that time existed, given that gamers across all platforms live in peace and harmony nowadays. Especially now that crossplay exists. But for all gamers who still yearn for a good ol’ fashioned flamewar, answer me this: which platform reigns supreme when it comes to network downtime?

Fortunately, there’s no need to speculate. ToolTester has us covered here and supplied us with a top 30 regarding online services and their outages. The outages reported mainly consist out of three sections: login, online gaming, and store/website. At least, when it comes to gaming networks. Take a look at the lists below, showing us the downtime stats for the US and the UK in 2021 for each platform.

Lo and behold, the master race holds the crown with two top-five entries. Until now, Steam reportedly went blank 99 times in the States and 177 times in de UK. Xbox Live takes silver with some respectable 63 and 102 outages. PlayStation Network finishes last with feeble stats that read 49 and 90 no-loads. Pathetic.

But are you noticing something else here? Isn’t there someone missing on this list? Exactly. Where in the blue fuck is Nintendo Switch Online at? I guess Nintendo Switch Online just doesn’t have any downtime and servers of pure gold.

Conclusion: If you want to play online and hate downtime, get a Switch and play online forever. If you want to play big online AAA-games with a decent resolution and the least chance of downtime, go for PlayStation. If you like Halo, get an Xbox. Did you just spend a fortune on an RTX3090 or a Steam Deck, just stick with Steam. Just play your games on any platform.