Oh Deere, classic Doom runs on tractors now

The list of unusual devices able to run Doom is ever-expanding and a John Deere is now one of them. After months of hacking into the tractor’s computer, modder Sick Codes finally got his way with it. And even though the attempt was made to demonstrate how little control farmers have over their own equipment, running a modded farm-themed version of Doom on it was just the icing on the cake.

Because believe it or not, farmers are mostly screwed when their tractor decides to call it a day. If the computer – like many farmers in the Netherlands right now – goes on strike, you’re pretty much effed. Since most modern tractors are controlled with proprietary software, little can be done when that software won’t cooperate. But that might all change soon.

And farmers might have folks like Sick Codes (probably not his real name…) to thank for that. The modder told Wired that his mission was to “liberate the tractors!”. And liberated they are after a little bit of jailbreaking. Because if somebody can install Doom on a tractor, it’s also possible to install other mods or make repairs.

“We want farmers to be able to repair their stuff for when things go wrong, and now that means being able to repair or make decisions about the software in their tractors.”

So yes, having full control over your tractor’s software might be very important and all. But being able to play Doom while harvesting your crops, that’s the real priority here. To make that possible, Sick Codes teamed up with another modder, Skelegant, to create a farm-themed Doom using the source port Dehacked Doom. And that, my farming friends, looks something like this:

Great stuff, guys. Now do Crysis