Facebook adds ads to the Oculus Quest, vexing us even in VR

[UPDATE] After a geriatric shitload of complaints, Blaston developer Resolution Games has decided not to follow through with adding ads to their game. Tough luck, Facebook! Go find some other Oculus Quest games to ruin with ads.


The moment many Oculus Quest users have feared is about to arise. The mighty Facebook is starting to unveil why an account to their social media platform is mandatory when using their VR headset. You got that straight, Oculus Quest is getting personalized in-game ads. Great! Hit me with that subliminal shit, Zuck!

Of course, Facebook tries to sell this move on a positive note. Yes, you’ll start to see ads pop up while playing a game, but it’s really necessary, you guys! If you want games to stay affordable on the Oculus Quest platform, things like ads are the gateway to it. At least, that’s what Facebook says in an Oculus Quest blog post.

For now, the ads are only utilized in a single app, Blaston by Resolution Games. This fairly cheap game will serve as an experiment. Other developers are to follow swiftly, according to Facebook. If you’re wondering what does ads will look like in-game, here’s an example.

Oculus Quest ads

As you can see, Facebook will at least grant us the opportunity to manage the content shown. Just like you can on your own Facebook timeline. If you think that an ad is inappropriate or you just don’t feel like seeing it, you can let Facebook know. You can even block an advertiser altogether.

Even though I’m really disconcerted with this move of Facebook, it is one that we could have seen coming from miles away. An active Facebook account was mandatory from the get-go and everyone with at least one active brain cell figured out why. So I guess this is the price we were all willing to pay. If not, there’s still time to complain about it. Not to me, but Facebook. I’m just not sure if collectively complaining will do much, but it’s worth a shot. It has worked in the past. Isn’t that right, Microsoft?