Oculus presents Air Link for Quest 2, forgets about Virtual Desktop

Playing PC games on your Oculus Link can be a blast, but it can also be a bitch to play some games tethered. Facebook understands this like no other since they’ve probably overheard you mentioning it to friends. The solution is simple and Oculus calls it Air Link, a wireless way of connecting your Quest 2 to PC. Revolutionary! Why didn’t anybody think of this feature yet? Yeah, about that… have you ever heard of Virtual Desktop?

Oculus doesn’t seem to wanna think about that option, because they’re presenting Air Link as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Boasting about it on their blog, Oculus explains that Air Link will support native 120 Hz support while playing wireless. Neat-oh!

The feature will be available for all as soon as v28 software is released for both headset and PC. Oculus emphasizes that it needs to run on both devices for this to work. A strong WiFi connection is also needed to make it work, so a 5Ghz network is strongly advised. An AC or AX router is not an unnecessary luxury in this case. Also, your PC should be hooked up to it via ethernet cable. Once this is sorted, Air Link will roughly give you roughly 7 meters of tether-free space to unintentionally trash your living room.

Oculus Quest 2 getting Air Link soon

Of course, many Oculus Quest 2 users have already figured out that Virtual Desktop pretty much does the same thing. For the most part, it requires the same setup to work. Then again, Air Link gets added free of charge and Virtual Desktop will cost you some coin. Air Link also grants you the advantage of not having to run extra software on your system. So for people who haven’t bought Virtual Desktop yet – or users who want as few running programs as possible – Air Link might be the answer to their prayers.

For all those interested, be sure to download the Oculus PC app first and keep it nice and updated. Once software v28 is installed – which should be arriving shortly – it’s all about enabling Air Link. In the PC app, you’ll find this option under Settings → Beta. On your headset, the feature can be activated by going to Settings → Experimental and enabling Air Link. Keep in mind that you’ll need to disable Air Link to use your USB-C Link again.