Nvidia shows its ‘even fasterder’ RTX 40 Series

Have you totally worn out your RTX 3090 Ti after tirelessly mining Etherium and are you looking to upgrade? Great news! Nvidia has just announced its RTX 40 Series, giving all of us PC nerds something new to drool on. Just be sure to cash all that Etherium you’ve minded though because it’ll cost you.

As always, Nvidia shared the news in their own techy way by throwing all kinds of IT lingo at their future consumers. But hey, at least they made it sound appealing this time. Ampere Architecture sounded cool enough, but wait until all those basement virgins get their hands on the new Ada Lovelace Architecture. That’ll dial down the geekiness. Especially since Ada Lovelace might get the job done 2 to 4 times faster than Ampere, according to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

“Ada provides a quantum leap for gamers and paves the way for creators of fully simulated worlds. With up to 4x the performance of the previous generation, Ada is setting a new standard for the industry.

Beautifully said, Jensen. But hey, Ada can’t perform the way she’s meant to without the help of a little Deep Learning Super Sampling. That’s why Nvidia is also introducing DLSS 3, bringing along a new capability called Optical Multi Frame Generation with it. Instead of generating mere pixels, these powers combined can now generate entire frames for a smoother experience. Wow! Will the evolution in RTX GPU performance ever stop? I mean, look at all them fancy terms Nvidia unleashes on us.

  • Streaming multiprocessors with up to 83 teraflops of shader power — 2x over the previous generation.
  • Third-generation RT Cores with up to 191 effective ray-tracing teraflops — 2.8x over the previous generation.
  • Fourth-generation Tensor Cores with up to 1.32 Tensor petaflops — 5x over the previous generation using FP8 acceleration.
  • Shader Execution Reordering (SER) that improves execution efficiency by rescheduling shading workloads on the fly to better utilize the GPU’s resources. As significant an innovation as out-of-order execution was for CPUs, SER improves ray-tracing performance up to 3x and in-game frame rates by up to 25%.
  • Ada Optical Flow Accelerator with 2x faster performance allows DLSS 3 to predict movement in a scene, enabling the neural network to boost frame rates while maintaining image quality.
  • Architectural improvements tightly coupled with custom TSMC 4N process technology results in an up to 2x leap in power efficiency.
  • Dual NVIDIA Encoders (NVENC) cut export times by up to half and feature AV1 support. The NVENC AV1 encode is being adopted by OBS, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Discord and more.

But hey, enough talk. Let Nvidia show us what all that tech actually looks like in-game. Because if there’s one way to convince people that all that talk is legit, it’s by running Cyberpunk 2077 using it.

A-MA-ZING! And the good part of it all… the RTX 4090 is coming October 12, starting at “only” $1,599. The RTX 4080 – which will be available in a 16GB GDDR6X and 12GB GDDR6X configuration – is coming in later. If you’re eyeing that GPU, you’ll have until November to collect $1,199 or $899, respectively.

I know, that’s like… almost 1 Etherium. But think of all those shinies you’ll be getting. And you can talk smack to your friends that you have to get back home because Ada’s waiting for you in your bedroom/basement.