After 200 days, A Better Ubisoft faces a worst-case outcome

Ah, Ubisoft… whatever happened to that female-unfriendly publisher in – let’s say – the last 200 days? According to A Better Ubisoft – a collective raised to create awareness, whose aim is to improve working conditions – not much. Two hundred days after hitting management with an open letter, demanding some serious fundamental changes, Ubisoft reportedly met none of its demands. And that’s a whole lotta ‘merde de taureau’.

To be clear, it’s not like the letter didn’t get a lot of support when it was drafted. Over a thousand (ex-)employees signed it, claiming that management is full of it. Like most HR departments, they’re all “we understand” and “you’re absolutely right”. But when push comes to shove, it’s nothing but hollow words and empty promises.

In a new statement on Twitter, A Better Ubisoft provides an update on the matter, which doesn’t look that peachy. The Statement claims that even though Ubi’s chief people officer Anika Grant addressed the results of a global employee survey, she didn’t really point out that painful truth.

But that’s not even the bad part yet. When A Better Ubisoft was formed, it had four demands: No more moving around known offenders, a collective seat at the table, cross-industry collaboration, and non-management positions within that collaboration. According to the collective, none have been met. And that’s pretty harsh, given Ubi’s claims that it read the letter ‘carefully’, taking it ‘very seriously’.

If so, management is either accidentally dumb as ‘merde’ or just plain uncooperative. True, Ubi did make a few “significant and meaningful changes” already, but there’s still plenty left to do. Even Yves Guillemot himself acknowledged that.

What is it with publishers and not wanting to make significant changes to improve working conditions? Are y’all waiting on Microsoft to buy you or something? Or do you want more lawsuits? Because this is how you get more lawsuits.