Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch finally supports Bluetooth headsets

When Nintendo launched the Switch in 2017, people were amazed by its marvel. Such a high-tech piece of micro-electronic splendor it was. The power of a futuristic hybrid console, in your very own hands. It sure was a head-turner. And a head-scratcher, because for some reason, the Switch couldn’t handle a Bluetooth headset. Well, hold on to your keister, because that just changed!

As of now, the Nintendo Switch actually does support Bluetooth headsets. It’s about damn time! After four long hard years of tethered audio, Nintendo stepped into the 21st century. But don’t get your hopes up just yet, because there are a few ifs and buts, according to Nintendo’s support page.

For starters, you can only connect one headset at a time. If you feel like playing a local co-op game with a buddy or buddette, you’ll have to cram both heads into the same headset. That doesn’t mean that you can only connect one headset. The Switch has room for ten Bluetooth appliances, but you can only pair one at a time.

If you decide to pair a Bluetooth headset with your Switch, you’ll also lose the opportunity of hooking up more than two wireless controllers. You’ll have to disconnect the headset if you wish to use more than two wireless controllers. Engaging in a local multiplayer environment will actually do that for you since local communication will cause your Switch to break the connection with the headset.

Lastly, Nintendo wishes to inform you that Bluetooth audio does not include microphones. Pairing a Bluetooth gaming headset with a crisp mic won’t do you any good. Plus, there’s also a risk of experiencing audio lag, depending on what headset you use.

So, yes. Nintendo finally offers the option of hooking up a wireless headset, but it mostly favors the single-player folk. As long as you’re all alone and don’t feel like talking to others, you’re good to go. Hooray for introverted gamers!