The rumored Switch OLED is finally confirmed by Nintendo

Practically everybody on God’s green earth knew it was coming. Yes, I’m talking about an upgraded Nintendo Switch. As of today, Nintendo has finally confirmed that all – or at least most – of the rumors from the past couple of months weren’t bullshit at all. The Nintendo Switch OLED is a real thing now, and it’s coming to us fairly quickly.

As the name already suggests, the Nintendo Switch OLED’s biggest new feature is its screen, which is now a 7-inch OLED one. On top of that, a few other minor gripes with the current model are now resolved. Instead of a shitty, flimsy stand, the Switch OLED sports a much wider and sturdier adjustable stand. The handheld device is no longer wifi-only, given that the dock comes equipped with a physical LAN port. As far as internal storage goes, the Switch OLED comes with 64GB of internal storage. The onboard speakers should also show some improvement in the sound department.

Unfortunately, the rumored 4K output isn’t part of the upgrade, as the internals stay pretty much the same. This means that the Switch OLED still produces 1080p visuals. The OLED screen should improve the overall quality of these Full HD images though. For more details on the specs, I’d like to redirect you to Nintendo’s specs page of the Switch OLED.

Those who have $350 to burn and think of upgrading to the Switch OLED should also take note that the device will also support the current Switch Accessories. Even the ‘old’ Joy-Con controllers will work just fine with the upcoming model.

As I said earlier, the console’s launch is practically around the corner. As of October 8, you’ll be able to get your hands on this magnificent piece of handheld tech. The Switch OLED will be available in two color schemes at launch: White and Neon Red/Neon Blue.