NFS Unbound be like “Fuck around, find out”

Risks, sometimes you just have to take them. Without risk, there’s no reward. The entire street race culture is built upon this philosophy and with it, one of Need For Speed’s cornerstones. Once you know that, there’s no real reason why you should be surprised by the new NFS Unbound Risk & Reward gameplay trailer. So, what is it about? Fuck around & find out, sport.

Like in many other NFS games, Unbound taps into your rebel state of mind and seeks to reward you for it. If you have the balls to break a few rules, Unbound is willing to break the bank. Outdrifting the boys in blue? Say hello to your favorite POTUS on green paper. Smokin’ the competition madlad style? Cha-ching! Get some moolah to spend on your preferred smoke VFX (or not, your choice).

Long story short: be reckless. Forget about the rules. Go big or go broke in Need For Speed Unbound. You know you want it. It’s what you NFS fans always want. Even when you say you don’t.

Are you ready to get reckless? Do you have that need? The Need For Speed? You better buckle up then. December 2 may be closer than it appears.