Control sequel and multiplayer spin-off confirmed by Remedy

Remedy – the studio behind games like Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control – has confirmed that they’re expanding the universe of the latter by at least two games. One is an official sequel to their latest game Control, the other a spin-off. Surprisingly enough, the spin-off deviates from Remedy’s MO, since it’s a multiplayer game.

I say deviate, but that isn’t entirely true, of course. Even though Remedy is mostly known for single-player experiences, it isn’t totally new to multiplayer. Take CrossFireX for example. Plus, Remedy hasn’t exactly kept it a secret that they’re expanding their portfolio with multiplayer games. Not since they’ve announced this project called Vanguard.

Anywho… Control. Yes, Jesse’s mind-boggling spectacle in The Oldest House isn’t exactly over yet, so it seems. In an article called The Future of Control, Game Director Mikael Kasurinen explains what Remedy has planned for the franchise. Unfortunately, it’s a very long story with very few details.

Control screenshot

For starters, the multiplayer spin-off, which bears the codename Condor for now. What do we know exactly? Well, we know it’s a multiplayer game and that’s it. I mean, I really can’t get any more info out of the press release, but you’re welcome to give it a go.

“Control is first and foremost a world, a place for multitudes of stories, events, and characters. A place where unexpected, strange, and extraordinary things occur. We kicked it off with Jesse’s entry into the Oldest House, but there is more to this world. Oh, so much more.

And Project Condor will be an expression of that.”

So, what about the sequel? Of that, I know even less. All Kasurinen has to say about it is that the game has a bigger budget than Control. But really, there’s nothing more to say about it. I really wish I could, but hey… it’s out of my “control”…

If you feel like reading the entire press release, be my guest. You can find it here. Just don’t expect to find loads of info, because there isn’t any at this point in time. They’re not even telling if it’s going to be cross-gen or not. But given the fact that Remedy hates cross-gen development, I’m not surprised if both games won’t be. Anyway… to be continued.