Halo composers and Microsoft are buddies again

After 10 years of a lot of “he said, she said”, Microsoft can finally look the composers of the Halo soundtrack in the eye again. Both parties have been going back and forth regarding alleged unpaid royalties, but those differences have been “amicably resolved”. Now, has that so HAAA-haaHAAha-HAAAAArd?

The whole ordeal apparently started more than 20 years ago. Mike Salvatori and Marty O’Donnell had just about wrapped up everything when Microsoft bought Bungie. According to the gents, they had an agreement with Bungie. Their work was to be licensed to the developer. But Microsoft thought differently.

According to them, the composers were workers-for-hire, so the rights to the Halo music belonged to Microsoft now. Therefore, there was no need for paying royalties. And that didn’t really sit well with O’Donnell and Salvatori. For the past decade, both musicians have been seeking justice, which eventually led to a lawsuit in February of this year.

But it turns out that salvation was only one good conversation away. According to Marty O’Donnell himself, the matter has been “amicably resolved”, whatever that means.

I’m guessing that it involved a phat wad of cash. Since Microsoft has been acting like a true Rockefeller by throwing money around, that would make sense. Or… and this might sound crazy… both guys got a lifetime subscription to Game Pass Ultimate. That way, they can listen to Halo: Infinite‘s soundtrack for free.