Blizzard ditches NFT plans after polling its player base

For once, a publisher decided to listen to its player base when it comes to NFTs. After sending out a poll – asking if anyone actually wanted these controversial Non-Functional Testies – the company chose not to pursue the idea of implementing them. Wait… did Blizzard finally do something sensible by saying no to NFT implementation?

Blizzards poll got picked up by GameRant, which reported about players receiving a YouGov-hosted survey. One Twitter user (@OTadaka) was kind enough to share a quick snap of it on socials. Like many others, Tadaka responded with a big fat “no thanks”.

Now, when I say “like many others”, I’m going on a hunch here. A hunch generated by the fact that Mike Ybarra – Blizzard Entertainment’s prez – was quick to debunk any future NFT plans.

By siding with the community’s wishes, Blizzard finally expressed that it’s capable of making smart decisions. The company hasn’t really leveled with its player base on numerous occasions. The publisher’s choice to rename Overwatch’s Jesse McCree to Case Cassidy was one of those occasions. The decision to not give Activision CEO Bobby Kotick the finger and seemingly look the other way is another.

If only Ubisoft would start listening to its player base like this. Then again, maybe we are plain ignorant and really don’t understand the splendor that is NFTs. Oh well…