Bethesda within Microsoft’s grasp after SEC approval

Microsoft is one step closer to acquiring “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” powerhouse Bethesda. With an official SEC approval in the pocket, nothing can stop Xbox from adding the developer/publisher to its portfolio. Unless the European Commission doesn’t sign off on the deal, but those odds are slim. Just as slim as Bethesda launching a bug-free game.

And here I was, thinking the entire thing was already done and done, but apparently, Xbox had to convince the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that the purchase is legit. Well… the SEC went for it and signed the paperwork – also known as a Notice of Effectiveness, so yay for Xbox. The only one who needs to be convinced now is the European Commission. Better look all nice and dolled up for that one, Microsoft. Homestretch.

If all goes well for Microsoft, the software company will have to cough up a lousy $7.500.000.000 for the acquisition, which sounds like a hefty amount of money. But just consider that this can all be made back by merely selling 1.5 billion skins for Fallout 76 (and those are the cheap ones), it really isn’t. But then again, who’s really playing Fallout 76? Oh well, the same goes for almost all the other Bethesda franchises, so when you think about it, 7.5 billion is a sweet bargain.

Deathloop is still coming to PlayStation, so keep your pants on.

If you’re a PlayStation owner and you’re starting to sweat bullets because the release of your beloved future Bethesda project might be in jeopardy, you can relax. Xbox’s “Uncle” Phil Spencer has already pinky promised that Bethesda won’t stop developing for other platforms. Ironically, Deathloop – from the makers of Dishonored and Prey – is still a PlayStation Exclusive. That deal was already made before Microsoft became Bethesda’s sugar daddy.

Personally, I can’t wait to see this merger happen. It’ll be fun to see how the aforementioned Fallout 76 gets its 28th Service Pack. I wonder if DOOM Eternal’s loading screen will keep telling me to give Edge a chance, since it’s the fastest internet browser, according to them. Maybe The Elder Scrolls Online’s chat service will get powered by Skype from now on, who will tell? I’m just saying, this deal is going to be great for Bethesda. They’ll finally have a partner who doesn’t have a reputation for delivering buggy software.