According to 33,000 Steam reviews, Battlefield 2042 sucks ass

Battlefield 2042 is finally out there and people are just looooooving it. Especially Steam users seem to have tons of fun… writing negative reviews. At the moment, a little over 33,000 Steamers have left a negative review, calling Battlefield 2042 an absolute dog turd of a game. It’s nice to see how that delay has paid off.

So, why are people hating on Battlefield 2042? Well, the reasons vary from its buggy state to the lack of certain features. Even though the absence of a single-player campaign has been communicated by DICE, gamers are still butthurt about it. But that isn’t exactly the biggest gripe that players have. The lack of in-game voice chat, a leaderboard, or a server browser, that’s mostly what got some panties in a bunch.

Besides all of that, Battlefield 2042 also seems to be riddled with bugs, rubberbanding, and balance issues. Gunplay just doesn’t seem to satisfy and neither does the level of destruction. All core values that made the Battlefield franchise great. To be frank, it’s quite heartbreaking to see how DICE and EA have delivered a game that seems to offer the exact opposite of what the fanbase seeks.

Personally, I haven’t really explored Battlefield 2042 that much yet, but I gotta agree with the negative comments. The game clearly hasn’t been stress tested enough and the current state is literally laughable. I mean, traversing up a skyscraper with a hovercraft… who needs physics, right? And stopping a grenade from turning you into mush by blocking it with a riot shield… only in Battlefield 2042.

That doesn’t mean that Battlefield 2042 is destined to fail indefinitely. Just look at Battlefront II, another one of DICE’s shooters that got a ton of hate at launch. That game eventually redeemed itself, going from “mostly negative” at launch to Very Positive now. So yes, there is still hope. Just not now.

So if you’re desperately looking for a satisfying first-person multiplayer shooter to help you through the season, give Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer a go. Or Call of Duty: Vanguard, even though that one has quite a list of issues as well. And if you’re dead set on playing a Battlefield game, there are still a few of those in circulation. And believe me, the multiplayer servers of those Battlefield games still contain a lot of active players, especially now.