The development of a new Tomb Raider has been excavated

Get your survival skills polished up, boys and girls, because Lara Croft is about to make her return. Kicking off the official release of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, Crystal Dynamics revealed that it’s working on a new Tomb Raider.

Now, when I say “about to make her return”, I actually mean “in a couple of years”. In case you didn’t know yet, developing a game takes a helluva lot of time. Even if you’re a big player like Crystal Dynamics. But hey, at least we now know what to expect from the Seattle-based dev. In a short video message, general manager Dallas Dickinson spilled the beans, explaining that development has just begun.

As proven in the past, Crystal Dynamics seeks to push the envelope when it comes to visual fidelity. With the last Tomb Raider Trilogy fresh in our memories, anyone can vouch for CD’s progressiveness. And there’s no doubt that the Unreal Engine 5 will grant them access to the tools needed to take the franchise even further. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve tried the Matrix Awakens demo, but that shit was pretty tight.

Anyway, don’t expect to see any of it soon though. With AAA game development taking roughly five years nowadays, I would be surprised if we get anything substantial before the end of 2023.