Project ILL shows Unreal 5 footage containing close to nothing

When it comes to Project ILL – arguably the most fucked up horror game ever pitched – developer Team Clout has been keeping its card close to the chest. After teasing the concept a while back – making people freak out over its gruesome realism – the Russian dev breaks the silence with absolutely nothing. Well… technically it’s something, but it’s hardly worth mentioning. Ironically, I’m mentioning it right now.

As many people on Reddit have already commented, Project ILL is one of those games that intrigues at first, but ultimately feels like it’s gonna disappoint. The ingredients for one hell of a fucked up horror game are all there, yet the lack of tangible progress kills the buzz a little. Even the new teaser trailer – showing us what Team Clout can do with the Unreal 5 engine – doesn’t really help. I mean, have a look down below. Then we’ll talk.

Don’t get me wrong here. I really, REALLY hope that Project ILL is going places. As a big fan of first-person survival horror, Project ILL had me very, VERY excited. The physics looked too good to be true and that gore… let’s just say that was not my proudest fap. But somehow, previous projects similar to Project ILL have made me skeptical. Games like Agony, which got me all excited, just to disappoint in the end. The fact that all of this is being done by a very small team kinda makes you think that it’s just too good to be true. Because if they can do it, why can’t AAA devs reach the same level of realism?

Then again, I might be totally wrong here, and I sincerely hope I am. Because if Project ILL is going to be as gruesome and detailed as Team Clout makes us believe, we’re in for one hell of a horror game. If you feel like getting the drop on it, consider subscribing to Team Clout’s Patreon. Doing so grants you exclusive updates on Project ILL. Just remember that this will require you to pay a monthly fee for this early access to ‘sick’ updates. Then again, you will get your name in the credits, but only if you pledge for more than 10 months.