A new Splinter Cell game might be lurking in the shadows

Here’s a question you might have asked yourself frequently: What happened to Sam Fisher? Ever since 2013’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, the deep-voiced covert operative has gone dark, apart from a few cameos. Those mobile and VR games, they don’t really count if you ask me. Just think, it’s almost been a decade since Sam went out on his last manhunt and for some, hopes over ever seeing him in action have started to dissipate. Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up just yet, but Sam might be making a comeback. And by that, I mean a proper comeback. Not just another cameo or diluted Splinter Cell spin-off.

To be clear, we’re venturing into rumor territory here. Nothing has been confirmed nor denied. This is all hearsay. But it’s hearsay that gets the blood of many pumping. There are development sources claiming that Ubisoft has finally greenlit the production of a full-fledged Splinter Cell game. Seemingly, Ubi feels the need to regain some trust after the latest Splinter Cell disappointments it produced.

Unfortunately, the info stream kinda stops there. We don’t even know if Michael Ironside will be back to voice his iconic protagonist. Hell, we might not even get to deal with Sam Fisher in the first place. That dude is gettin’ pretty darn old, you know.

As for who’s developing the game, there’s also no real way of telling at this point. According to two people with Ubi intel, this Splinter Cell game is being led by a studio of its traditional Montreal base.

If Ubisoft plays its card right – which it really needs to do after facing a series of scandals – it has a chance of regaining some of that trust that many may have lost. According to RAVE reviews, Ubisoft is the most-hated gaming company on Twitter right now. And that’s an achievement by itself. I mean, there are companies out there dealing with harassment lawsuits, companies who are blatantly lying to their fanbase, and EA