A new South Park game is in the works, you guys!

Hold on to your chocolate salty balls, children! A new South Park game is in production, and it’s gonna be different. According to Bloomberg, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are taking care of this one without the help of Ubisoft. They’re even stepping away from the known 2D-style, allegedly. Yep, they’re supposedly thinking of going 3D with this one. Weak!

The new South Park is likely part of the 900 million dollar deal struck with ViacomCBS. In exchange for a bag of cash (not Cana-dough), Trey and Matt are tasked with delivering 14 movies and new episodes until they reach series 30. Since both gentlemen seem to be on a roll, a new game will fit in nice and snuggly. And no, it isn’t just a rumor. Matt Stone has confirmed the project personally.

As I said, Ubisoft – the publisher of the previous two South Park games – is not in on it this time. The Stick of Truth and The Fractured but Whole were nice and all that, but Trey and Matt feel like taking matters into their own hands with this one. This probably has to do everything with the fact that they’re actually funding it themselves. Parker and Stone have even set up an internal studio for it, which is still void of a name.

And honestly, that’s about all the information I have on it for now. Nobody really knows what this South Park game will entail. Maybe it’s an open-world RPG. Thanks to PCGamesN, we now know that Matt and Trey are eager to dive into that genre. I guess time will tell, you guys.