Project ILL is still looking sick as hell

When in the hands of the right developers, the Unreal Engine is capable of delivering unbelievable images. The Unreal Engine 5 is no different. We’ve all seen the Matrix Awakens tech demo, and some of you might have even caught a glimpse of the horror title Layers of Fears. But wait until you see what Team Clout has been cookin’. Project ILL is starting to look sicker by the minute.

Many of you – including myself – are even starting to wonder if Project ILL is real. Details regarding the horror game are scarce, especially if you’re not one of Team Clout’s patrons. But the stuff that we do get is looking very promising. As in offputting. Cuz damn son… if this shit is real, we’re in for a disturbing end product.

To be honest, I don’t think that this 30-second snippet contains any genuine gameplay. If you ask me, this is a pre-rendered scene if I even saw one. I mean, there’s no HUD whatsoever or anything else that shows that this is true gameplay. Then again, it might as well be. I remember full well that I got it all wrong with Resident Evil Village, which blew me away as well.

When will we know for sure? I sure as hell don’t know. As of now, a release window on Project ILL is nowhere to be found.