If you have a “Need For Rumors”, I have a pretty speedy one

If you’re in the mood for a rumor in the “holy shit, I don’t give a shit” department, keep on reading. Just don’t come whining afterward. A new Need For Speed is coming this year. November, to be exact. And allegedly, it ain’t for everyone. See? Told you it would suck…

To be honest, credit should be given where credit is due. I’m not the one who started the rumor. Who did? Jeff Grubb, Giantbomb‘s one and only GrubbSnax podcast host dropped it in his latest episode.

There might be a bunch of people who couldn’t care less about it. And frankly, there should be quite a few people who shouldn’t. Gamers who’re still going at it on a PS4 or Xbox One, for instance. If we’re to believe good ol’ Jeff, the new Need For Speed will be a next-gen exclusive. That way, EA won’t have to deal with all the last-gen “why can’t they just make another NFS Underground” bitches.

But hey, why can’t EA just make a decent NFS Underground successor? Why do developers insist on making soulless, mind-numbing arcade racers that suffer immensely from rubberbanding? Can somebody explain, please? Am I missing something?

If only EA could host an EA Live Play event to answer those questions…