And just like that, Cyberpunk 2077 got its new-gen versions

With almost no indication – apart from early listings that gave a swift launch away – Cyberpunk 2077 received its long-awaited new-gen overhaul. After a disastrous launch on consoles, developer CD Projekt was kinda busy putting out the fire it had singlehandedly created. But with the game running ‘at an acceptable level’, work on the promised new-gen versions commenced. The culmination of that work is now out in the open. To take away the risk of buyer’s remorse – a thing which CD Projekt is now very familiar with – a 5-hour trial can be downloaded for free.

So what do these new-gen versions have to offer, you might ask. Good question, choomba. Obviously, better graphics. Wouldn’t be much of a new-gen experience if it ran on PS4/Xbox One visuals. This basically means 4K support, coming at you at 60fps in performance mode and 30fps if you crave ray-tracing. The odd one out is the Xbox Series S, which caps the game at 1440p at 30fps.

Theoretically, this should guarantee some crisp, smooth gameplay. But we don’t care much for theoretical stuff. We need proof. Well, here’s some gameplay on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. That’s still no guarantee though. I mean, CD Projekt served us smooth gameplay before that trainwreck of a launch. But hey, let’s give ’em the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

And then there are the fixes introduced in Patch 1.5, making the game more enjoyable around the board. The perk tree got a needed overhaul, removing some fairly useless skills and adding useful ones. Stuff like knife throwing. Schwing! According to CD Projekt, all these changes to the skill tree are so significant, they’ll probably make existing players redistribute their current abilities.

Another big change comes in the form of crowd interaction. Night City is more husslin’ and busslin’ than ever and NPCs won’t shy away from giving you a knuckle sandwich if you’re being a royal rectum. But that only applies to new-gen versions. Those same NPCs even learned how to drive for this patch. And for all those players going broke every 5 minutes, making money became easier as well. Character customization also got some new features and revamping your crib is also a thing now. Just take a peek at the info sheet below for a clear picture of what’s happening on what platform.

Anywho, plenty of new stuff awaits, with a solemn promise that more will be added in the (near) future. One side note though, some of the future improvements might not make it to PS4/Xbox One due to memory constraints.

Lastly, skeptics can give the overhauled version of Cyberpunk 2077 a try for exactly zero dollars. To make sure that you’re really, really happy with the end result, CD Projekt offers any potential buyer a 5-hour trial. If you decide to spend your cash on it after that, progress will be transferred. Like all things, this offer doesn’t last forever. In 30 days, the trail will vanish like a poorly programmed NPC.