A new Brothers in Arms game will be deployed, but when?

It’s not a big secret that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has a thing for the Brothers in Arms franchise. In fact, good ol’ Randy has been vocal about bringing another installment to the war table. Finally, those plans seem to have taken shape, because a new Brothers in Arms in in production, according to Mr. Pitchford. Great news! Unfortunately, this is where the buck stops, because Gearbox isn’t showing shit until they actually have shit to show.

Speaking to the guys and gals at the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast, Pitchford dropped this piece of intel, emphasizing that that’s all we’re gonna get for now. “We’re working on another Brothers in Arms game but I’m not saying s*** until we have it.” Fair enough, Randy.

Then again, we should be happy with the fact that it’s actually coming. The last major console installment in the franchise goes back thirteen years. Indeed, that was Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, developed by Gearbox and published by Ubisoft. After that, soldiers had to resort to mobile gaming to get some fresh assignments.

A few years back we kinda came close to another Brothers in Arms game, but Furious 4 – as it was called – got terminated in 2015. The fact that fans weren’t really ecstatic about the announcement probably gave it a quick soldier’s death. Instead, the world was presented with Battleborn, which had a shorter lifespan than most privates in World War 2.

Anywho, we’ll simply have to wait this one out. More intel will follow eventually. So… dismissed, I guess.