Netflix has killed prospects of Resident Evil Season 2

It has cost millions to produce and three-quarter of your key demographic hates it. Bringing Resident Evil to the movie or tv screen is an art that Netflix doesn’t master. So yeah, when all you get after launching the first season is a bucket of shit on Rotten Tomatoes, what’s the point of making a season 2? Might as well go with the current flow and cancel it altogether.

And that’s exactly what Netflix is doing, according to Deadline. There will be no season 2 of Resident Evil, the series that should’ve been named differently to avoid the shitstorm. Because a black Albert Wesker – the most iconic whiter than white antagonist in gaming history – and a lesbian Umbrella CEO… it’s a textbook example of Netflix’s wokeness, according to many. “Go woke and go broke”. Even the obligatory presence of lickers and raunchy dobermanns couldn’t save it from scrutiny.

Now, for the record, an audience score of 26% on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t really paint a perfect picture. Anyone can drop a review on RT. There’s no background check to see if you’ve actually watched the series. This means that any disgruntled keyboard warrior can go on there and spew. The 55% critical score might be a better indicator, which also isn’t really a score to write home about. When folks start feeling sentimental over Milla Jovovich’s performance in 2002’s Resident Evil, you know you’re done goofed.

So there we go. Another expensive project snuffs it after just one season. Do I feel bad about that? Not really, to be honest. I mean, I’ve watched season 1 and didn’t really feel the need for another season, even if all the signs of a follow-up were there.

Oh well. Better luck next time, Netflix. Maybe stick to the source material next time you decide to go for a renowned franchise. Fans tend to be picky and very sensitive to change.