Neil Druckmann said ‘hi’ since TLoU news already leaked

What do you do when you’ve been preparing a whole announcement speech and every detail leaks on Twitter hours before you take the stage? Well… ask Neil Druckman. Naughty Dog’s beloved and criticized game director had very little news to bring to the Summer Games Fest table. Most of his TLoU plans had already been made public. But hey, fuck it, you might as well stick around anyway and say ‘hi’, I guess.

Okay, I might be exaggerating things slightly. Granted, a lot of Neil’s The Last of Us news got out prematurely. The world was already aware of the rumored remake coming to PS5 and PC. But that didn’t mean that the topic got scrapped from the agenda though. In fact, a good comparison video showed us how much The Last of Us got improved.

Let’s be honest here, the improvements are quite impressive. Lighting has definitely been taken to a more realistic level and the in-game characters have also received a facelift, without making them unrecognizable. According to Neil, improved controls and extra accessibility options should also make The Last of Us Part 1 a smoother, emotional ride.

Anyway, moving on to the next topic; the TLoU multiplayer experience some of you might have heard about. With the release date set somewhere in 2023, Naughty Dog didn’t really have anything substantial to show yet. What we did get was concept art, showing the game’s location and size of it. According to Druckmann “it’s gonna be big”, which is also the title of my sex tape.

“What I can tell you is that this game is big. It is as big as any of our single-player games and in some ways bigger. It’s got a story, the way we’re telling that story is very unique to this game.

“It’s got a brand-new cast of characters, it takes place in another part of the United States. It is really cool and it’s being headed by Vinit Agarwal, Anthony Newman, and Joe Pettinati, all veterans of Uncharted and The Last of Us, and you’re going to see a lot more of this game come next year.

“It’s something special and we can’t wait to show it to you.”

Last but not least, Druckmann went on to talk about the TLoU HBO series, which apparently wraps up today. Joined by the original Joel and Ellie (Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson) on stage, feathers were stuck up Pedro Pascal’s and Bella Ramsey’s ani for doing a tremendous job fleshing out their characters. Druckmann – who even directed one of the episodes himself – went on to claim that The Last of Us might well be the most authentic video game adaptation yet. Sure man!

So, what’s next for Neil? Who knows? Well… he does, but he isn’t willing to share it just yet. It’s definitely a game though. It’s just not something worth discussing yet. Unless somebody at PlayStation feels like leaking it. That could change things. If not, it’ll be a topic for another Summer Game Fest.

“[I’m] still making games, I haven’t given up my day job. It’s a little too early to talk about it. Maybe if someone in PlayStation wants to leak it then we could talk about it now, otherwise we’ll save it.

“I do have a new project, but we’ll save it for another Summer Game Fest.”

The PS5 version of Last of Us Part 1: the remake will hit the shelves on September 2, 2022, retailing at $69.99. A PC version was also confirmed, coming a little later.