Need For Speed Unbound is inbound on December 2

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Need For Speed Unbound is now officially a thing and it’s coming at you blistering fast. Criterion Games might still be tweaking the setup and remapping the ECU, but we should be ready to race this December.

As predicted by many – including game guru Jeff Grubb – Need For Speed Unbound takes a different path compared to its predecessors. Instead of a full photo-realistic approach, Unbound isn’t binding itself to one specific art style. Instead, racers will be met with graffiti/comic-style visuals, giving Unbound’s streets of Lakeshore a distinct feel.

Don’t worry though. The slightly different path still leads to plenty of recognizable aspects. Acquiring Heat – making you irresistible to the boys in blue – is still very much a thing. Build your rep on the streets and become one of Lakeshore’s most wanted. It’ll be worth your while, as long as you don’t get caught.

So, are you in? Can we count on you to lay down some rubber on December 2? If so, we’ll be more than happy to take your pink slip on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC this winter.

Aight, imma head out. Talk to you A$AP, Rocky.