NBA 2K21 alley-ooping to Game Pass this week

Team Xbox is getting warmed up to enter the digital court and slam dunk their way into the hearts of virtual b-ballers worldwide. How so? By adding NBA 2K21 – the latest basketball sim from 2K – to the ever-expanding list op Game Pass titles.

A regular Game Pass subscription will grant you access to NBA 2K21 on your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Gamers who opted in for Game Pass Ultimate – the highest tier in Microsoft’s subscription-based service – will also be able to stream the game using xCloud. Which version of NBA 2K21 you’ll get exactly isn’t mentioned, unfortunately. The next-gen version would definitely make for a deep three, but the last-gen version isn’t too shabby either. Wanna see the difference? We got you, fam (thanks to GameSpot).

Not a big fan of the money-grabbing VC shenanigans of 2K but still up for some action in the paint? No worries! There’s also the option to go for EA’s NBA Live 18 and 19. Both Basketball games are also available to download through EA Play, EA’s own subscription-based service that is included with Game Pass.

The addition of NBA 2K21 kinda comes as a surprise though. Take-Two Interactive’s chief Strauss Zelnick isn’t particularly keen on subscription-based services like Game Pass. Money being the reason, he doesn’t seem to believe that the constructions benefit both parties. Nonetheless, Microsoft and Take-Two were able to strike a deal with NBA 2K21.

So there you have it. For a small monthly fee, you’re now able to enter 2K’s digital basketball court and bask in the greatness that is NBA 2K21. Top tip: Try to steer clear of the MyCarreer mode, unless you like to sit through tacky storylines and don’t mind getting robbed by almost mandatory microtransactions. As a basketball sim, it’s all good in the hood. But damn, 2K is riding the MTX-train hard (as usual).