Start polishing your barrel, gents! Leaked MW2 video inbound

Guns, there’s just something about them. Just look at them. Hard, rigid, and mega-diverse. They come in all shapes and sizes. Long, short, bulky, sleek, dark, or light wood… and the feel of holding that manly piece in the palm of your hand. There’s nothing quite like it. Tantric… it’s almost tantric. And when you unload, goddamn. Best feeling in the world. Wait, are you still thinking about guns, buddy? Because I am, especially guns in the MW2 remake, of which we now have moving images.

No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight. You haven’t been whacking it too much. That’s an old wives tale. The images below are grainy as fuck. But still, there’s no point in not sharing them. I mean, we’re all curious as to see what MW2 is gonna bring us. Is it going to be better or worse than Vanguard? Are the guns nice and shiny? Do they go pew pew pew in a realistic way or is it just basic, bland pew? I can’t guarantee you that you’ll get answers from this short leaked clip, but who cares. It’s MW2 footage man. Just take it.

God, I gotta seek professional help for my gun fetish man… What is the world coming to when I’m dry firing my Snay-kay47 after a few dozen pump-action reloads? I need to get a different hobby.