The Callisto Protocol gameplay left me dismembered

Remember Dead Space? They won’t make ’em like that anymore, am I right? Well, actually, they do. The Callisto Protocol isn’t only teaching us that we shouldn’t get locked up in outer space, it’s also showing us that Glen Schofield still knows how to make ’em like he used to.

During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live – which is happening as we speak – Glen himself took to the stage to show us some new stuff. Because there’s no better way to hype your game than to have it presented by Geoff Keighley.

But let’s be honest here, The Callisto Protocol doesn’t need the unbiased Geoff Keighley. Show people some ultra-graphic dismemberment and we’re happy. So that’s exactly what Glen and his Striking Distance decided to do today. Have a look.

Man, I’m so stoked for this. If this game is going to be playable at Gamescom… so help me god. I’ll be the one going viral on YouTube for going all apeshit at the stand.